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This website is, at least for now, for hosting things that are definitively not blog posts that I would like to share with people. Here's what's online so far:

The Oxford Solar Myth: A Contribution to Comparative Mythology
R. F. Littledale's essay on Max Müller, solar deity. Popularized among some by Scott Alexander.
A callout post for supernovae (mobile version)
Text by Axolotl, design and image curation by me.
The Lesbian Flag: How did we get here?
A text version of @lesbianflaghistory’s visual essay on the history of lesbian flags.
Kindness to Kin
A science fiction short story by Eliezer Yudkowsky. Prettied up from the original on r/HFY.
The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
A fable by Nick Bostrom, now with higher-resolution dragon. Prettied up from the original on his website.
[CSS]Stylesheet for, v0.2
A stylesheet for use with extensions like Stylus. Enlarges glowfic post/reply body text, switches the site to a serif font, and puts it in a high-contrast light or dark mode depending on your system's color preference. Removes your icon from the header bar, and removes some margin around large tables to increase table width.
[CSS]Stylesheet for HTML downloads from AO3, v0.1
A stylesheet for direct usage. Adds a maximum width, uses your default browser font (which should be one you like), general cleanup and aesthetic improvement. Usage instructions are within the stylesheet.
[CSS]Deprecated Tumblr dashboard userstyle
A light mode Tumblr userstyle you once might have used with extensions like Stylus. Fundamentally incompatible with the latest version of the Tumblr dash, which also has built-in color palettes options.